About us


is a community-based organization established in Big Babanki, North West region of Cameroon. It deals with the issue of sustainable development. This field includes a wide range of activities. The activities cover a great deal of various topics -  from the efforts to conserve, rehabilitate and restore a unique misty forest; efficiency improvement of local agricultue; water sources protection; to the support of educational activities in order to raise environmental and ecological awareness among young people. Main goals of the organization are: to prevent further devastation of the forest and to help with the introduction of a stable model of peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife. 


Vunan Ernest Amohlon

was born on 6 July 1969 in Big Babanki (Kedjom Keku), North West region in Cameroon. After finishing a primary school, he studied O/level in Ashing-Kom, attended High School in Nso (A/level) and University in Yaunde, where he achieved education in natural sciences. From 1991 to 1995, he worked as a teacher of chemistry and biology at the FONAB college. He is an author of a chemistry textbook entitled Chemistry without Tears. In 1998 he was chosen by a swiss international organization Helvetas to be trained as an expert dealing with the environmental issues in Bamenda Highlands. The training took place from 1998 to 2001 and all the participants were trained in the domains of sustainable agriculture, forest conservation and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) management. Since 2001 he has been working as a coordinator for SATEC which is engaged in forest conservation and sustainability in Big Babanki. During this time, he has invited to Kedjom Keku and nearby areas more than 200 foreign volunteers and academic workers to collaborate on this issue and carry out their researches. Ernest has worked for many Cameroonian and foreign NGOs, for instance PAFRA PROJECT (rural forestry and agro-forestry support project), FAP Cameroon, ANCO Cameroon, COBEX Bambui, IUCN etc. He is the main protagonist of a documentary called The Man Who Plants Trees by Michal Galik, and his effort to protect the natural enviroment of his village continues on and on.