From the very begginning, SATEC organisation provided background for scientific teams from central Europe. It began with an accidental encounter with scientific team from the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice and Charles University in 2002. Since then many scientific teams have come to Big Babanki under the umbrela of SATEC organisation. The department of ecology of the faculty of science, Charles University in Prague has been carrying their research of birds and plants. The department of zoology of South Bohemian University in České Budějovice has been conducting their studies on birds, butterflies, plants and small mammals, czech academy of sciences has been dealing with frogs, birds and plants.

In 2004 the department of behavioral zoology of University of Poznan joined in and has started their research of birds behaviour. The department of Botany in University of Gdansk in 2011 carried out their research on orchids. The results of this researches were published in numerous articles in professional journals. Ernest Vunan himself lectured on his activities in University of South Bohemia in 2009.

In 2007 the researchers Jan Riegert, Ondřej Sedláček and Štěpán Janeček with cooperation of Ernest Vunan built up research station in Bamenda highlands to provide background for all research activities in the area. The station is available under this condition.


Since 2005, SATEC has been cooperating with organisation FAP Cameroon on trainings focused on agro forestry practices, beekeeping, tree nursery establishment, tree seeds supply, water catchment protection.


In 2008 collaboration with organisation ANCO Cameroon started. Domains of our collaboration are Tree nursery establishment and management, seed collection and treatment, improved farming systems, forest conservation, water catchment protection and market gardening.


2004 to 2012 a Canadian conservationist John Demarco sponsored monitorers and supervisors engaged in monitoring of the small community of chimpanzees in Bamenda highlands. Ernest Vunan took part as a supervisor in the program.


In 2007 SATEC launched a project of cooperation with local schools in Big Babanki. SATEC has been providing ecological education for children and teach them of importance of their enviroment for their future. Thereafter helps with equipment for schools in cooperation with foreign friends. Mr. Arthur F. Sniegon of the save elephant organization alongside bicycles foe Africa project is struggling to send 250 bicycles for ecologically incline schools and conservation organisation.