Support us

Audiovisual aid – Currently we are launching a collection of computer equipment (laptops, projectors, printers and etc.) that can accelerate and improve learning conditions in local schools and public learning centers. If you are able to donate us with your old computer please contact Each computer that will come to Big Babanki will be photographed and showed on our web sites.

Forestry- we are looking for a fund that can support permanent monitoring systém to guide against wild bush fires. Our aim is to set up a team that can work and watch in newly created habitat. Fund

Chimpansies- we are looking for any kind of support and tools that can lead to protecting of the small group of chimps recently prooved to exist in Bamenda highlands. Our primordial goal is to map, increase and connect fragments of the forest in order to extend the natural habitat of chimps. We need GPS to map their habitat, phototraps for survey purposes, (taková ta věc, která měří jak vysoko jsou hnízda. If you want to donate us with any of this things please contact Ernest Vunan  

Volunters- we are looking for concervation biologists, agronomist inclining to beekeeping and forest friendly activities, geography experts to help us with the maping of the forest, animal husbandry experts that can come shepherd to improve their pastures. We accept volunters from 3 to 6 months period of time and we can provide food and accomodation.